T&R began as Polmanteer’s Mobil in the spring of 1972 in the Village of Bath. The family business operated as a service station until 1985 when the first Holmes 440 wrecker was purchased moving the Polmanteer family into the towing industry. 1987 saw the purchase of a new red Century Hydraulic wrecker and red has been the color ever since. 1998 brought the transition from Polmanteer’s to the T&R name as well as an additional truck to bring the fleet to three. Late 2001 the first heavy duty wrecker was added and 2002 saw the business move from the former Mobil station to its current location on Route 415 in Bath. The new shop and truck allowed T&R to add heavy duty repairs and road service to its lineup of services.

Throughout the next several years, the business continued to expand the heavy duty towing and repair lineup eventually culminating with the opening of the new full service facility in Hornell, New York. Again in 2012 T&R added another location to the towing and service lineup with the addition of the Corning, New York location, formerly Crane’s Towing. Shortly thereafter the Corning location was named a certified International truck parts and warranty service dealer. A state-of-the-art 24-hour dispatch and transportation management center was built in 2014 and continues to act as the hub of all towing, recovery, road service, and environmental responses using the most up to date fleet management technology. The dispatch center is always full staffed and operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

About the Owner

Brian Polmanteer started with Polmanteers Sales and Service at the family Mobil gas station in the spring of 1992 working as a part-time employee while attending high school and continued through college until the spring of 2002. That year brought the closing of the family service station and opening of the current Bath, New York towing and service center along with the addition of the company’s first heavy duty wrecker. At the time Brian has just finished his Bachelors of Science in Architectural Technology and Engineer. While the company was changing so was Brian, deciding to forgo the corporate lifestyle of architectural firms and instead to follow his dream, stick to his roots and stay grounded in the family business. Brian had been building tow trucks since he was a child and saw the opportunity to pursue his passion as an adult.

Growing with the business Brian served in all roles of the business; tow truck driver, mechanic, and laborer. It was most important to him that he understood and had the ability to perform all tasks related to the business. He has never shied away from the blue collar aspects of the business and even today as the owner/president of the company isn’t afraid to get down and dirty in the day-to-day operations. Brian has always been interested in all aspects of the job and he saw the opportunity to offer customers a start-to-finish service when it came to roadside incidents. Brian often likes to proclaim that as a child he never had a sand-box it was always a dirt-box, it was better to build roads and dig holes and with the foundation of T&R Environmental he was able to blend two of his childhood passions into one thriving business.

From humble beginnings to the current business operation, Brian believes that with great people, good management practices, and a little bit of hard work anything can be accomplished. He still strives to be a family oriented business that can be big enough to serve all customers. Brian, a long-time resident of Bath, New York places an importance on sticking to your roots, hiring local, and not losing sight of the original dream and passion for the transportation business that brought T&R to its current success and hopefully will continue to bring success and growth down the road.