T&R Towing provides fast response to tow, recover, and transport any heavy vehicle or equipment. Our diverse fleet of heavy duty trucks can handle commercial vehicles from the smallest delivery trucks to the most demanding heavy duty tows. Our modern fleet of heavy duty tow trucks has rotators up to 75 tons capable of handling the most difficult recovery jobs.

Incident management and traffic control are key to keeping the roads open. Our state of the art fleet including Western New York’s largest rotator, lets us perform recoveries with minimal if any lane closures. T&R handles all aspects of MUTCD compliant traffic control and lane closures including arrow boards, signs, and channelling devices known as attenuators.

We are able to work cohesively with all local first responders to ensure the safety of all personnel on scene and the public. Got an emergency spill or hazardous material situation? Our OSHA and NFPA level A certified technicians can handle virtually anything and specializes in transportation related emergencies.

Our air cushions make handling loaded tractor-trailers and up righting large equipment a breeze, saving both time and money. We own and are trained in a wide array of lift bags and cushions inlcuding our jumbo low capacity air bags that have a capacity of 100 tons.

We are the leader in heavy duty recovery in the area and specialize in underwater salvage recovery. Our personnel are certified OSHA, SCUBA, and NFPA level A technicians. We are equipped in all of the necessary equipment and maintain a fleet of water response units. Our certified technicians are trained and equipped for both warm and cold water recovery.